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Dani Button Wall Light Cox & Finch

Our Story

Our passion is to help you create spaces that resonate with comfort and style, transforming your environment into a reflection of your personal taste and aspirations. Join us in this journey of beautifying your world, one exquisite piece at a time.

Welcome to COX & FINCH

Infusing Elegance into Every Day

Manon Pendant Light Cox & Finch

About Us

At Cox & Finch, our journey revolves around a passion for crafting homes that emanate warmth, sophistication, and individuality. Founded by a team of lighting aficionados, we set forth on a mission to curate a collection of illuminating marvels that not only serve a practical purpose but also weave a narrative.

Morgane Chandelier Cox & Finch

Our Mission

Inspired by the notion that the right lighting can elevate everyday living into an art form, our selections reflect this belief. Driven by a desire to offer products that not only dazzle but also inspire and invigorate your living spaces, we meticulously handpick each piece in our collection.

Obsessed with product design, it's the cornerstone of our philosophy at Cox & Finch. Our proficiency with various materials, whether it's cut marble or intricately carved wood, empowers us to innovate continuously, pushing the boundaries of the lighting industry and pioneering new trends.

For us, it's more than just bulbs, switches, bases, or shades. Behind every Cox & Finch product lies a dedication to design and meticulous attention to detail, fueled by our unwavering passion. Each creation embodies a narrative, carefully crafted to illuminate and elevate the modern home.

Capucine Wall Light Cox & Finch

Commitment to Quality

At Cox & Finch, we understand that build quality is paramount when it comes to lighting fixtures. That's why our meticulous testing and inspection process goes beyond mere surface evaluation. Our dedicated team delves deep into every aspect of the product, ensuring that it not only looks stunning but also stands the test of time.

From the robustness of materials to the precision of craftsmanship, we scrutinize every detail to guarantee exceptional build quality. Whether it's the solidity of metal components or the resilience of delicate finishes, we leave no room for compromise.

Moreover, we pay special attention to the wiring and connections of each lighting fixture. Our team meticulously inspects every wire, ensuring proper insulation and secure connections. We understand the importance of electrical safety, and we take every measure to uphold the highest standards in this regard.

By meticulously testing and inspecting every product before it leaves our premises, we ensure that each Cox & Finch lighting fixture not only illuminates your space beautifully but also provides lasting reliability and peace of mind.